What is PetroVisual?

PetroVisual is a data analysis and visualization tool for oil and gas data. It connects to ARIES, PHDWin, OGRE and even your custom databases, allowing you to ask questions about your data and then analyze query results with a rich collection of maps, grids, charts, pivot tables, and drilldown trees.

PetroVisual's benefits are immediate and compelling:

Powerful. Ask questions about your data and receive quick answers. Use PetroVisual's portfolio of maps, graphs, pivot tables, and reports to build valuable insights. Build multiple views of the same data to drilldown, compare, and understand.

Flexible. Query your data, whether it is stored on your personal computer or your network. Connect and analyze all of your databases from a single interface.

Easy-to-use. There are no complex menus or bewildering workflows to navigate. PetroVisual's interface is a unique balance of power and simplicity.

Cost-effective. Stop spending money on custom software and reporting solutions. Use one application to connect and query all of your data and minimize training and support. PetroVisual's powerful query and analysis tools will work with all of your oil and gas databases, right out of the box.